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How Can I Grow My Shop Traffic and Get More Exposure for my Brand?

October 17, 2020
TJ Zastrow

Here's a bunch of links to articles & tools to help you grow! Let me know if any of these become handy to level-up your brand. Also, please share with all of us your most helpful methods which have proven effective for you.

7 Principles To Mastering Growth

https://ondemand.publicfast.com/  — Done-for-you influencer marketing

https://voxfeed.com/ — connects brands with influencers

Junto — Find Influencers

Public Fast — Find Influencers

Julius — vetted directory of influencer marketers

Consider using Refersion to track conversions actuated via influencers or posts.

https://www.thegrowthlist.co — Find the best Growth Hacks for startups and small business

https://interestexplorer.io/ — Discover thousands of profitable interests Facebook hides from the masses

https://brand24.com — Get alerts when someone mentions your brand online

The Growth Handbook by Judson Collier for Intercom

https://www.growsumo.com/ -- GrowSumo helps growing companies increase sales, signups, and leads through partnerships

https://www.julian.com/guide/growth/user-onboarding — discussing virality

https://jonapr.com/ — A curated searchable database of 11,000+ startup journalists

How to Create a Marketing Plan: My 6 Step Process

How I Grew Mint.com from Zero to 1 Million Users By Noah Kagan

How To Get on Popular Podcasts: Neil Patel

A bunch of advice from different experienced entrepreneurs on how they'd spend 500.00 to grow their list

LinkedIn Sales Navigator (1 month free trial)

Consider using LeadsIQ to collect leads (and their emails) as you browse the web. See their blog here

Facebook's Advertising guide


Get Mentorship!

If you're doing a kickstarter, consider submitting your idea to Funded Today, whose marketing services are free if they feel the idea is valid.

KISSmetrics Behavioural Analytics for driving growth

Amplitude — Analytics to help teams build better products

Startups For the Rest of Us Episode 152: Tips for loading up your pre-launch list

1. Find websites that accept startup submissions. Search google for "startup announcements". This is somewhere you can get feedback and generate interest. (ie. Killer Startups, Beta List, Subreddits) Make sure to use tracking mechanisms when doing this like google analytics

2. Use Social Media. Community building and such. Again— set up goals from google analytics

3. Get on Other people's podcasts! Send targeted emails with a story that is specific to their audience. Go back and listen to the last 3-5 episodes

4. Ad Networks for online businesses. There are niche ones out there. Test different ones!

5. Subscribe to helpareporter.com.  If you have the money to be able to do so, then hire BitesizePR to work on your behalf to handle your Help A Reporter Out leads and more.

TJ Zastrow


I'm a husband / artist / photographer / designer & startup nerd. I love to travel, disc golf, eat sushi, and hang with my wife and friends. I'm a podcast junkie, I love deep discussions, and curating playlists. Big ideas are my jam! The more disruptive the better.

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