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Great Tips & Tools to Help Find and Attract New Customers to Your Site

October 17, 2020
TJ Zastrow

I've been compiling the following resources for you to help find potential leads based on your ICA (Ideal customer avatar).

What do you feel is a great method to find prospective customers? How do you usually go about it? Share your thoughts in the comments, and any additional resources you might know of!

https://hunter.io/ — Bulk email extraction from a list of company names and more

https://aeroleads.com/ — Manually find and add prospects from Linked In, Crunchbase, and more! Fills in missing info

https://www.apify.com/ — Scrape anything from a given URL via Apify (Use this script and read how to set it up  using Google Sheets)

http://soprosearch.com/ -- a REALLY slick way to find specific niches of people

https://www.crunchbase.com/featured — A huge compendium of lists

https://landbot.io/— create a custom chatbot for any page to qualify and send leads to zapier (option for human take-over)

https://www.formget.com/email-enrichment-software/ — email list enrichment (get names & more)

Use https://www.allmytweets.net/ to try to find email addresses of prospects

https://sheetaside.com/— Google Sheets as a sidebar

https://leadformly.com — High converting lead capture forms

http://www.leadquizzes.com/ -- create quizzes that convert

https://saleslist.co -- list of resources

https://www.leadberry.com — Google Analytics souped up! Turn site visitors into sales leads

https://leadferry.com/products/content-analytics --Make critical marketing decisions based on data-driven insights.

https://app.gopinleads.com/ — Find thousands of local business leads in a few clicks

Elucify — 100 bulk lead exports per week with free account

Use with https://www.manipulist.com for free cold list building

https://www.leadgibbon.com — Finds leads via getting emails through 1 click on LinkedIn (free 7 day trial)

Hunter.io does the same (free 150 each month)

https://prospect.io --same, no free trial

Cliently has a free trial (but it only gives 6 free lead credits)

https://www.leadfuze.com — Done for you lead generation (free trial allows 50 leads)

Copy and paste email leads generated into manipulist and get a clean .csv

Lead Fuze's google search algorhithm: site:linkedin.com/in/ "Interior Designer" OR site:linkedin.com/pub/ -site:linkedin.com/pub/dir/ -site:ca.linkedin.com

Nudge for Chrome

http://www.leadquizzes.com/ — make custom quizzes, get convenience–integrates w/ Zapier.

TJ Zastrow


I'm a husband / artist / photographer / designer & startup nerd. I love to travel, disc golf, eat sushi, and hang with my wife and friends. I'm a podcast junkie, I love deep discussions, and curating playlists. Big ideas are my jam! The more disruptive the better.

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