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Considering New Product Designs?

October 17, 2020
TJ Zastrow

I was recently looking through a pre-product development doc that producthunt.com created before they wrote a single line of code.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts about how you arrived at the current products you're selling. Did you test demand, or do market research? What was the process that led you to your products, and how do you think you'll do it differently next time? What thoughts would you share to someone who is just trying to figure out what they want to make & sell?

Etsy just posted an article of their Editors' Picks Top 2019 Style Trends

What are your thoughts of developing products for current trends How often do you switch it up or introduce new products?

Here's a few product development resources:

https://makersrow.com/ — Your end-to-end manufacturing process - all in one place

https://voodoomfg.com/fulfilled-by-voodoo — 3d printing drop shipping on demand

https://www.bellacanvas.com/ — Wholesale Garments, No-Waste, Eco friendly garment production

https://trenders.io — product & competition research

Amazon's Approach — work backwards from the end result you envision for your customer

https://makerkit.co/ — Use customer feedback, a public roadmap & a product changelog to build better products

https://www.papersurvey.io/ — easily create analogue paper survey forms

https://www.squadcast.fm -- recording customer interviews

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